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Sakae Sushi Bloggers Food Tasting Event on 12 October 2010

November 9, 2010

Sakae Sushi has officially launched their new menu today! 9 November 2010.

♥ Try out their new items at any outlets now (:

Finally, the Sakae Sushi new menu has launched today. Me, as one of the Sakae E-Journalist, was invited to the food tasting event held on 12 October 2010. I was so tempted to try all the new items that Sakae Sushi is going to bring to us. And also, this is the first time meeting the Sakae Sushi team and other bloggers for this event. Once again, thanks to them for this wonderful event. The food tasting event was held at the newly opened outlets at Scape Park! :)

TODAY's Menu, this is just a snapshot of what we are going to try.

Introducing the first dish: ♥ Maguro Carpaccio ♥ : Thinly sliced tuna with special sauce.
♥ They had the freshest Tuna and it goes well with Wasabi. Underneath the Tuna, there's onions for you to go with. Either you mixed it with Wasabi, or you can go with the onions or have it raw! Ratings: 5/5. I like the presentation, the overall taste they have put it together. Definitely worth trying.

Here comes the second dish: ♥ Soft Shell Crab Salad ♥ - Soft Shell Crab, Avocado, Tomato with House Dressing.

♥ Perfect match although I don't really like Avocado. The Soft Shell Crab was crispy enough and not very oily. Housing dressing for you to take this as a Salad Dish! Share with it with your friends as the main appetizer before you go into the main dish. Ratings: 4/5. I like the overall presentation, with a healthy looking style of veggies, tomatoes and fried soft shell crab. Colourful aren't it? Don't you feel like trying after you see this?

Third dish : ♥ Mushroom Kimuchi Tofu ♥: Fried Beancurd, Assorted Mushroom with Kimuchi Sauce
Best for spicy lovers! Bored with Fried Tofu? Tried this new Tofu with Kimuchi Sauce. Don't worry, it's not so spicy as you thought it will be. It goes well with the soft fried Tofu and assorted Mushroom. Personally, I really love this dish, I will start to order this from my next trip to Sakae Sushi. (: Ratings: 5/5. PERFECT

Last Appetizer: ♥ Ebi Arare ♥: Prawn Tempura coated with rice crackers.
♥ You will love this if you are a tempura lover. Layered with the rice crackers, with prawn in each piece of sushi. Ratings : 4/5.


Sakae Sushi : September Post "$1.12 for total bill only! Thanks to Sakae Sushi!(:"

October 21, 2010
You must be thinking why Pastamania?

Well. Besides Sakae Sushi, Pastamania is another choice on my list. (: So whom have I invited for the Month of September to join me for the Sushi Treat?

Another friend of mine, Nigel Chan !

So what have we gotten that we have only paid $1.12 for the total bill only? Besides those usual sushi that I had before, I've tried something new for this month. *slurp* Time for food!~

This is something new that I've tried! :)


Can you see how fresh the Sa...
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Sakae Sushi: August Post

August 20, 2010
August Treat to : Zhenling, Jessandra and Zack!

Thanks to Sakae Sushi that I'm able to treat friends to dine in! :)

By the way, we had this at Wheelock Place, level 3 ! Their services are good and managers are friendly ! They did not chase us out those it's time to close. Appreciate that and of course we know lar, we have to leave to let them have an early night too ma :)

Sorry, but i just can't get enough of their Salmon!!!! :P

Their new mix of smooth cheese with green tea and red bean.

Have you ...
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Sakae Sushi : July Post

August 4, 2010

What's coming up in August?

Starting from July, SAKAE SUSHI will explore different themes to create new and creative food items.

For the month of August, their theme is…. Oysters! (:

I'm craving for Salmon Sashimi now! How?

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Who's the next to join in for a free lunch at Sakae in October?

June 9, 2010

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