You must be thinking why Pastamania?

Well. Besides Sakae Sushi, Pastamania is another choice on my list. (: So whom have I invited for the Month of September to join me for the Sushi Treat?

Another friend of mine, Nigel Chan !

So what have we gotten that we have only paid $1.12 for the total bill only? Besides those usual sushi that I had before, I've tried something new for this month. *slurp* Time for food!~

This is something new that I've tried! :)


Can you see how fresh the Sashimi is? Omg! I'm craving for it again..

Anyway, I want to share with you an upcoming post! But I'm only allowed to share it next Monday!
So people, please be back next Monday, 25 Oct to check out the post okay?

Bet you won't want to miss it.

Oh ya, all these food for only $1.12? Haha! Thanks to Sakae, I'm give credits to eat, blog and post to share with you guys.

Cheers! (: Have a great weekend ahead.